If you have looked at your Instagram feed lately you will see that vacation season is in full swing with pictures of exotic beaches and beautiful landscapes that would make anyone envious. In our 2016 report on travel, we found that 97% of Millennials use social media while traveling and 75% post to social networks at least once per day. It’s been a few years since that was published and the technology has evolved so much we can now book vacations with our voices. I was curious of how else Millennials are using technology to travel now. I spoke with the CEO of the travel management company Cadence, Wendy Burk, to see what trends she has seen in the travel market.No one is going to be surprised to hear me mention Instagram right off the bat, but this technology has made wanderlust contagious. Based on a quick search, there are currently 300,000,000 posts tagged with the world “travel,” which averages out to 100,000 posts every day for the last eight years. The tool’s sheer mass can turn an unveiled destination into a tourist hotspot, and it gives consumers the power to create, not just follow, global travel trends

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