Adventure is excitement and curiosity combined into new ventures. Every day can be an adventure if you have that mindset. New and unknown situations don’t need to be scary, but can give you the opportunity to explore and learn something new. Adventures keep me on my toes, make my heart sing and keep me longing for more. They feed my thirst for life.After these initial ‘planning’ steps, we took a four-hour bus journey to a town near Ikla. For the better part of a day we sat by the side of the road, waiting for the elusive bus that we’d been told would arrive.
At 5pm, conscious that night would soon be falling, we began walking, hopeful that a vehicle would arrive and whisk us away. Thankfully, one did, and that’s how we ended up on the back of the truck.
Adam and Jimmy had limbered up to sit on the cab, their feet dangling down onto the windscreen. Wimping out, I’d chosen the less comfortable seating option: precariously perched on the edge of one of the 20 gallon water tanks. They wobbled dramatically when we took each corner; I was pretty sure that they would soon pitch me over the side of the truck and onto the road below. Either way, if we stopped sharply, both the guys and I probably had equal chances of death.

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